6v6 Katy Adult Soccer - Tuesdays

6v6 Katy plays Tuesday evenings at the British International School of Houston in Katy. With men’s and coed divisions, we have something for everyone.
Whether you’re a newbie looking to get your feet wet, or a seasoned vet in the beautiful game.
Like all of our leagues, we stick to a core philosophy of fun, competitive soccer with the emphasis being on having a good time, on and off the pitch.
The league is fun and fast paced adult soccer. We accept free agents if you’re looking to join a team, or if you’d like to get your own team involved we have a place for your squad.

Need more Info? Here you go:

  • Season runs 9 weeks
  • Games Tuesday evenings 7-11pm
  • 8 games guaranteed
  • 50 minute games
  • Licensed Refs Used
  • Games at BISH in Katy
  • 2203 N Westgreen Blvd
  • Katy, TX 77449
  • Men’s & Coed Divisions
  • All Skill Levels
  • Max roster of 12
  • Trophies & Prizes for winners
  • $50 per free agent or $470 per team


Now’s the time. Get off the couch and get involved in the action. Join our waiting list today!
Small Goal Soccer


Premier Division

1 Houston Dynamo 5 0 0 15
2 Grasshoppers 4 0 1 12
3 River Plate 2 2 1 8
4 SAGREV2036 2 0 3 6
5 Sporting Big Balls 1 1 3 4
6 FC Pura Vida 0 2 2 2
7 Greatness FC 0 1 4 1

Division 1

1 Rangers FC 4 1 1 13
2 Merengues FC 3 1 2 10
3 Badgers3039 3 0 3 9
4 Deportivo Houston 3 0 3 9
5 CEMEX United 1 1 3 4
6 HBFC 1 1 3 4

Division 2


1 Soccer Killers 5 0 1 15
2 NIKE FC 3 0 2 9
3 Katy Kings FC 3 0 3 9
4 Katy Ballers 3 0 3 9
5 Katy Cranes 2 0 3 6
6 Inter Katy FC 1 0 5 3

CoEd Division


1 Los Troncos FC 5 1 1 16
2 BBOD 5 1 0 16
3 Victorious Secret 4 2 0 14
4 Joga Bonito FC 4 1 1 13
5 X-Force 3 1 3 10
6 Avengers 2 0 5 6
7 Lobos FC 2 0 4 6
8 Sporting Katy 1 0 5 0
9 Thunder Nuggets 0 0 7 0


DateTimeFixtureResultDivisionField #Location
Week 1
4/16/197:25pBadgers vs. Merengues FC5 - 4Division 11BISH (Katy)
4/16/198:20pKaty Kings FC vs. Katy Cranes6 - 7Division 212203 N Westgreen Blvd Katy, TX 77449
4/16/199:15pRangers FC vs. CEMEX United6 - 4Division 11BISH (Katy)
4/16/197:25pKaty Ballers vs. Soccer Killers3 - 8Division 22BISH (Katy)
4/16/198:20pHBFC vs. Deportivo Houston3 - 2Division 12BISH (Katy)
4/16/199:15pSporting Big Balls vs. Houston Dynamo2 - 10Premier2BISH (Katy)
4/16/197:25pLobos FC vs. Thunder Nuggets5 - 2Coed3BISH (Katy)
4/16/198:20pNIKE FC vs. Inter Katy FC5 - 2Division 23BISH (Katy)
4/16/199:15pLos Troncos FC vs. Victorious Secret5 - 5Coed3BISH (Katy)
4/16/1910:10pRiver Plate vs. SAGREV8 - 5Premier3BISH (Katy)
4/16/197:25pGrasshoppers vs. Greatness FC4 - 2Premier4BISH (Katy)
4/16/198:20pX-Force vs. BBOD2 - 6Coed4BISH (Katy)
4/16/199:15pAvengers FC vs. Joga Bonito FC2 - 4Coed4BISH (Katy)
Week 2
4/23/197:25pRangers FC vs. Badgers 6 - 3Division 11BISH (Katy)
4/23/198:20pNIKE FC vs. Katy Ballers4 - 2Division 21BISH (Katy)
4/23/199:15pGrasshoppers vs. Sporting Big Balls6 - 4Premier1BISH (Katy)
4/23/1910:10pVictorious Secret vs. Sporting Katy9 - 1Coed1BISH (Katy)
4/23/197:25pHBFC vs. Merengues FC5 - 6Division 22BISH (Katy)
4/23/198:20pRiver Plate vs. Greatness FC5 - 3Premier2BISH (Katy)
4/23/199:15pJoga Bonito FC vs. Lobos FC4 - 3Coed2BISH (Katy)
4/23/1910:10pKaty Kings FC vs. Soccer Killers5 - 10Division 22BISH (Katy)
4/23/197:25pDeportivo Houston vs. CEMEX United4 - 2Division 13BISH (Katy)
4/23/198:20pFC Pura Vida vs. SAGREV3 - 4Premier3BISH (Katy)
4/23/199:15pKaty Cranes vs. Inter Katy FC2 - 4Division 23BISH (Katy)
4/23/1910:10pLos Troncos FC vs. X-Force5 - 3Coed3BISH (Katy)
4/23/197:25pThunder Nuggets vs. BBOD1 - 8Coed4BISH (Katy)
4/23/198:20pThunder Nuggets vs. Avengers0 - 6Coed4BISH (Katy)
Week 3
4/30/197:25pSoccer Killers vs. Inter Katy FC4 - 1Division 21BISH (Katy)
4/30/198:20pKaty Kings FC vs. Katy Ballers3 - 2Division 21BISH (Katy)
4/30/199:15pSporting Katy vs. BBOD1 - 8Coed1BISH (Katy)
4/30/197:25pKaty Cranes vs. NIKE FC3 - 8Division 22BISH (Katy)
4/30/198:20pX-Force vs. Thunder Nuggets6 - 1Coed2BISH (Katy)
4/30/199:15pHBFC vs. Badgers1 - 4Division 12BISH (Katy)
4/30/1910:10pMerengues FC vs. CEMEX United1 - 1Division 12BISH (Katy)
4/30/197:25pFC Pura Vida vs. Greatness FC4 - 4Premier3BISH (Katy)
4/30/198:20pSAGREV vs. Houston Dynamo1 - 7Premier3BISH (Katy)
4/30/199:15pLos Troncos FC vs. Joga Bonito FC5 - 3Coed3BISH (Katy)
4/30/1910:10pLobos FC vs. Los Troncos FC0 - 5Coed3BISH (Katy)
4/30/197:25pAvengers vs. Victorious Secret2 - 6Coed4BISH (Katy)
4/30/198:20pGrasshoppers vs. River Plate4 - 3Premier4BISH (Katy)
4/30/199:15pDeportivo Houston vs. Rangers FC4 - 2Division 14BISH (Katy)
Week 4
5/14/197:00pInter Katy FC vs. Katy Kings FC4 - 5Division 21BISH (Katy)
5/14/197:45pInter Katy FC vs. Katy Ballers0 - 5Division 21BISH (Katy)
5/14/198:35pKaty Ballers vs. Katy Cranes2 - 0Division 21BISH (Katy)
5/14/199:25pGrasshoppers vs. SAGREV2 - 1Premier1BISH (Katy)
5/14/1910:10pNIKE FC vs. Soccer Killers3 - 4Division 21BISH (Katy)
5/14/197:00pHouston Dynamo vs. FC Pura Vida6 - 0Premier2BISH (Katy)
5/14/197:45pSporting Katy vs. Lobos FC1 - 4Coed2BISH (Katy)
5/14/198:35pSporting Big Balls vs. River Plate4 - 4Premier2BISH (Katy)
5/14/199:25pGreatness FC vs. Sporting Big Balls3 - 5Premier2BISH (Katy)
5/14/197:00pBadgers vs. Deportivo Houston4 - 2Division 13BISH (Katy)
5/14/197:45pRangers FC vs. Merengues FC3 - 1Division 13BISH (Katy)
5/14/198:35pBBOD vs. Los Troncos FC5 - 1Coed3BISH (Katy)
5/14/199:25pThunder Nuggets vs. Los Troncos FC3 - 6Coed3BISH (Katy)
5/14/1910:10pVictorious Secret vs. Thunder Nuggets5 - 3Coed3BISH (Katy)
5/14/197:00pMerengues FC vs. HBFC4 - 1Division 14BISH (Katy)
5/14/197:45pCEMEX United vs. Badgers3 - 2Division 14BISH (Katy)
5/14/198:35pAvengers vs. Sporting Katy3 - 1Coed4BISH (Katy)
5/14/199:25pX-Force vs. Avengers5 - 2Coed4BISH (Katy)
5/14/1910:10pJoga Bonito FC vs. X-Force3 - 1Coed4BISH (Katy)
Week 5
5/21/197:00pHBFC vs. Rangers FC3 - 3
Division 21BISH (Katy)
5/21/197:45pBBOD vs. Avengers5 - 3Division 21BISH (Katy)
5/21/198:35pAvengers vs. Los Troncos FC1 - 7Coed1BISH (Katy)
5/21/199:25pJoga Bonito FC vs. Sporting Katy 5 - 3Coed1BISH (Katy)
5/21/1910:10pSporting Katy vs. Thunder Nuggets3 - 0Coed1BISH (Katy)
5/21/197:00pCEMEX United vs. Deportivo Houston1 - 4Division 12BISH (Katy)
5/21/197:45pRangers FC vs. Deportivo Houston2 - 1Coed2BISH (Katy)
5/21/198:35pLobos FC vs. X-Force1 - 7Coed2BISH (Katy)
5/21/199:25pVictorious Secret vs. Lobos FC7 - 1Coed2BISH (Katy)
5/21/1910:10pVictorious Secret vs. X-Force1 - 1Coed2BISH (Katy)
5/21/197:00pMerengues FC vs. Badgers5 - 1Division 13BISH (Katy)
5/21/197:45pKaty Kings FC vs. NIKE FC3 - 1Division 23BISH (Katy)
5/21/198:35pSoccer Killers vs. Katy Kings FC4 - 0Division 23BISH (Katy)
5/21/199:25pSoccer Killers vs. Katy Ballers2 - 5Division 23BISH (Katy)
5/21/1910:10pSAGREV vs. Sporting Big Balls4 - 2Premier3BISH (Katy)
5/21/197:00pHouston Dynamo vs. Grasshoppers4 - 1Premier4BISH (Katy)
5/21/197:45pHouston Dynamo vs. Greatness FC6 - 3Premier4BISH (Katy)
5/21/198:35pJoga Bonito FC vs. BBOD1 - 3Coed4BISH (Katy)
5/21/199:25pFC Pura Vida vs. River Plate3 - 3Premier4BISH (Katy)
5/21/1910:10pInter Katy FC vs. Katy Cranes1 - 4Division 14BISH (Katy)
Week 6
5/28/197:00pKaty Ballers vs. Katy Kings FC Division 21BISH (Katy)
5/28/197:45pSoccer Killers vs. Katy CranesDivision 21BISH (Katy)
5/28/198:35pLos Troncos FC vs. Sporting KatyCoed1BISH (Katy)
5/28/199:25pSporting Katy vs. X-ForceCoed1BISH (Katy)
5/28/1910:10pHouston Dynamo vs. River PlatePremier1BISH (Katy)
5/28/197:00pGreatness FC vs. SAGREVPremier2BISH (Katy)
5/28/197:45pInter Katy FC vs. NIKE FCDivision 22BISH (Katy)
5/28/198:35pNIKE FC vs. Katy CranesDivision 22BISH (Katy)
5/28/199:25pCEMEX United vs. Rangers FCDivision 12BISH (Katy)
5/28/1910:10pMerengues FC vs. Deportivo HoustonDivision 12BISH (Katy)
5/28/197:00pBBOD vs. Victorious SecretCoed3BISH (Katy)
5/28/197:45pBBOD vs. Lobos FCCoed3BISH (Katy)
5/28/198:35pFC Pura Vida vs. GrasshoppersPremier3BISH (Katy)
5/28/199:25pSporting Big Balls vs. FC Pura VidaPremier3BISH (Katy)
5/28/1910:10pCEMEX United vs. HBFCDivision 13BISH (Katy)
5/28/197:00pLobos FC vs. AvengersCoed4BISH (Katy)
5/28/197:45pVictorious Secret vs. Joga Bonito FCCoed4BISH (Katy)
5/28/198:35pJoga Bonito FC vs. Thunder NuggetsCoed4BISH (Katy)
5/28/199:25pBadgers vs. HBFCDivision 14BISH (Katy)
Week 7
6/4/197:30p#3 TBD vs. #6 TBDDivision 1 Quarterfinal1BISH (Katy)
6/4/198:30p#1 TBD vs. #8 TBDCoed Quarterfinal1BISH (Katy)
6/4/199:30p#2 TBD vs. # 7 TBDPremier Quarterfinal1BISH (Katy)
6/4/197:30p#4 TBD vs. #5 TBDDivision 1 Quarterfinal2BISH (Katy)
6/4/198:30p#2 TBD vs. # 7 TBDCoed Quarterfinal2BISH (Katy)
6/4/199:30p#3 TBD vs. #6 TBDPremier Quarterfinal2BISH (Katy)
6/4/197:30p#3 TBD vs. #6 TBDDivision 2 Quarterfinal3BISH (Katy)
6/4/198:30p#3 TBD vs. #6 TBDCoed Quarterfinal3BISH (Katy)
6/4/199:30p#4 TBD vs. #5 TBDPremier Quarterfinal3BISH (Katy)
6/4/197:30p#4 TBD vs. #5 TBDDivision 2 Quarterfinal4BISH (Katy)
6/4/198:30p#4 TBD vs. #5 TBDCoed Quarterfinal4BISH (Katy)
Week 8
6/11/197:30p#1 TBD vs. TBD (Lowest Seed)Division 1 Semifinal1BISH (Katy)
6/11/198:30p#1 TBD vs. TBDPremier Semifinal1BISH (Katy)
6/11/197:30p#1 TBD vs. TBD (Lowest Seed)Division 2 Semifinal2BISH (Katy)
6/11/198:30pTBD vs. TBDCoed Semifinal2BISH (Katy)
6/11/197:30p#2 TBD vs. TBD (Highest Seed)Division 1 Semifinal3BISH (Katy)
6/11/198:30pTBD vs. TBDPremier Semifinal3BISH (Katy)
6/11/197:30p#2 TBD vs. TBD (Highest Seed)Division 2 Semifinal4BISH (Katy)
6/11/198:30pTBD vs. TBDCoed Semifinal4BISH (Katy)
Week 9
6/18/197:30pTBD vs. TBDDivision 1 Final1BISH (Katy)
6/18/198:30pTBD vs. TBDPremier Final1BISH (Katy)
6/18/197:30pTBD vs. TBDDivision 2 Final2BISH (Katy)
6/18/198:30pTBD vs. TBDCoed Final2BISH (Katy)
New Season Starts 6/25/19Email Jay@smallgoalsoccer.com to sign up

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