Mesa Adult Soccer - Thursdays

NEW SEASON: March 28th, 2019

Get in on the Thursday Night 6v6 adult soccer action in Mesa! For many moons now, SGS has been bombarded with the call for a soccer league in Mesa…so like the champs that we are, we built the Mesa league. But it’s not about us – the league is of the people, by the people, and for the people! We offer Men’s and Coed divisions and we have divisions for all skill levels. Space is limited, so reach out ASAP to reserve your spot. We are accepting new teams and free agents currently, so get off your bum and get out on the pitch with us!

Below is more info on the league and how to join:

  • Games are Thursdays nights 6-10pm
  • Games played at Strikers Complex or Arete Prep
  • 9 week season
  • 8 games guaranteed
  • 45 minute games
  • 150ft x 100 ft field
  • Licensed Referees
  • Men’s & Coed Divisions
  • All Skill Levels
  • 12 players max on roster
  • 1 keeper & 5 field players
  • Trophies & Prizes for winners
  • $50 per player or $400 per team


Now’s the time. Get off the couch and get involved in the action. Join our waiting list today as we have SOLD OUT for the last 6 years.

Small Goal Soccer


Men’s Division 1

1 Ajax FA  4  2  1  14
2 Boca Juniors AZ  4  1  2  13
3 Los Chavalones  4  0  3  12
4 Puebla FC   3  1  3  10
5 Chokad FC  2  0  4  7
6 Desert Rentals  1  1  5  4

Men’s Division 2

FIBT Ballerz  5  1  0  16
American Kants  5  0  1  15
3 Minty FC  3  1  2  10
4 Xolos  3  1  2  10
5 Guerreros  1  2  3  5
6 FA City  1  1  4  4
7 Red Fury  0  0  6  0

COED Division

1 FS United  6  0  1  18
2 Chivas FC  4  1  2  13
3 Goal Diggers  4  0  3  12
4 Supreme Team   3  2  2  11
5 Kohls Goals  1  1  5  4
6 FC Las Sendas  1  0  6  3


DateTimeFixtureResultDivisionField #Location
1/10/19NEW SEASON WEEK 1NEW SEASON WEEK 112033-12341 S Sossaman Rd, Mesa, AZ 85212
1/10/19745pmAjax FA vs Boca Juniors AZ3-3D11Strikers Complex
1/10/19830pmMinty FC vs FIBT Ballerz0-1D21Strikers Complex
1/10/19915pmFA City vs Red Fury5-2D21Strikers Complex
1/10/19745pmKohls Goals vs FC Las Sendas2-1Coed2Strikers Complex
1/10/19915pmXolos vs Guerreros2-0D22Strikers Complex
1/10/19745pmGoal Diggers vs FS United2-3Coed3Strikers Complex
1/10/19830pmChivas FC vs Supreme Team4-4Coed3Strikers Complex
1/10/19915pmDesert Rentals vs Puebla FC1-3D13Strikers Complex
1/17/19WEEK 2WEEK 212033-12341 S Sossaman Rd, Mesa, AZ 85212
1/17/19745pmAjax FA vs Los Chavalones2-1D11Strikers Complex
1/17/19830pmDesert Rentals vs Boca Juniors AZ1-3D11Strikers Complex
1/17/19915pmRed Fury vs FIBT Ballerz 1-9D21Strikers Complex
1/17/19745pmGoal Diggers vs FC Las Sendas4-0Coed2Strikers Complex
1/17/19830pmPuebla FC vs Chokad FC2-2D12Strikers Complex
1/17/19915pmMinty FC vs FA City7-1D22Strikers Complex
1/17/197pmAmerican Kants vs Xolos5-0D23Strikers Complex
1/17/19745pmAmerican Kants vs Guerreros7-1D23Strikers Complex
1/17/19830pmChivas FC vs Kohls Goals4-2Coed3Strikers Complex
1/17/19915pmSupreme Team vs FS United4-3Coed3Strikers Complex
1/24/19WEEK 3WEEK 312033-12341 S Sossaman Rd, Mesa, AZ 85212
1/24/19745pmSupreme Team vs Goal Diggers4-3Coed1Strikers Complex
1/24/19915pmBoca Juniors AZ vs Chokad FC2-0D11Strikers Complex
1/24/19745pmFS United vs Kohls Goals8-1Coed2Strikers Complex
1/24/19830pmMinty FC vs Red Fury3-0D22Strikers Complex
1/24/19915pmFA City vs Guerreros3-3D22Strikers Complex
1/24/19745pmPuebla FC vs Los Chavlones2-4D13Strikers Complex
1/24/19830pmChivas FC vs FC Las Sendas2-0Coed3Strikers Complex
1/24/19915pmFIBT Ballerz vs American Kants1-0D23Strikers Complex
1/24/19BYE XOLOS BYED2Strikers Complex
1/31/19WEEK 4WEEK 412033-12341 S Sossaman Rd, Mesa, AZ 85212
1/31/19745pmDesert Rentals vs Chokad FC1-4D11Strikers Complex
1/31/19830pmChokad FC vs Los Chavalones5-2D11Strikers Complex
1/31/19915pmBoca Juniors AZ vs Los Chavalones6-3D11Strikers Complex
1/31/197pmMinty FC vs Guerreros7-1D22Strikers Complex
1/31/19745pmAjax FA vs Puebla FC4-0D12Strikers Complex
1/31/19830pmGoal Diggers vs Chivas FC5-1Coed2Strikers Complex
1/31/19915pmFS United vs FC Las Sendas8-5Coed2Strikers Complex
1/31/197pmRed Fury vs Xolos3-8D23Strikers Complex
1/31/19745pmRed Fury vs American Kants1-7D23Strikers Complex
1/31/19830pmSupreme Team vs Kohls Goals3-3Coed3Strikers Complex
1/31/19915pmFIBT Ballerz vs FA City6-0D23Strikers Complex
2/28/19WEEK 5WEEK 5500 S McQueen Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85233
2/28/197pmPuebla FC vs Chokad FC5-2D11Mesquite High School
2/28/19745pmMesa Bulldogs vs Los Chavalones3-6D11Mesquite High School
2/28/19830pmFIBT Ballerz vs Xolos2-1D21Mesquite High School
2/28/19915pmMinty FC vs Xolos3-3D21Mesquite High School
2/28/19745pmGoal Diggers vs FS United1-3Coed2Mesquite High School
2/28/19830pmAjax FA vs Boca Juniors AZ5-4D12Mesquite High School
2/28/19915pmFA City vs American Kants1-2D22Mesquite High School
2/28/19745pmRed Fury vs Guerreros2-3D23Mesquite High School
2/28/19830pmChivas FC vs Kohls Goals3-1Coed3Mesquite High School
2/28/19915pmSupreme Team vs FC Las Sendas8-3Coed3Mesquite High School
3/7/19WEEK 6WEEK 6500 S McQueen Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85233
3/7/19830pmDesert Rentals vs Ajax FA1-1D11Mesquite High School
3/7/19915pmDesert Rentals vs Boca Juniors AZ2-4D11Mesquite High School
3/7/197pmGoal Diggers vs Kohls Goals10-2Coed2Mesquite High School
3/7/19745pmPuebla FC vs Los Chavalones2-7D12Mesquite High School
3/7/19830pmMinty FC vs American Kants 1-3D22Mesquite High School
3/7/19915pmFA City vs Xolos1-5D22Mesquite High School
3/7/19745pmFIBT Ballerz vs Guerreros1-1D23Mesquite High School
3/7/19830pmChivas FC vs FC Las Sendas3-2Coed3Mesquite High School
3/7/19915pmSupreme Team vs FS United5-6Coed3Mesquite High School
3/7/19BYE Red Fury BYED2Mesquite High School
3/14/19WEEK 7WEEK 7500 S McQueen Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85233
3/14/197pmLos Chavalones vs Chokad FC5-0D11Mesquite High School
3/7/19745pmAjax FA vs Chokad FC2-1D11Mesquite High School
3/14/19830pmBoca Juniors AZ vs Puebla FC0-3D11Mesquite High School
3/14/19915pmMinty FC v FA City4-0D2 Quarterfinals1Mesquite High School
3/14/19745pmFC Las Sendas vs Kohls Goals4-3Coed2Mesquite High School
3/14/19830pmAmerican Kants v Red Fury5-2D2 Quarterfinals2Mesquite High School
3/14/19915pmXolos v Guerreros2-1D2 Quarterfinals2Mesquite High School
3/14/19745pmSupreme Team vs Goal Diggers1-5Coed3Mesquite High School
3/14/19830pmDesert Rentals vs Ajax FA7-2D13Mesquite High School
3/14/19915pmFS United vs Chivas FC5-2Coed3Mesquite High School
#1 Seed FIBT Ballerz BYED2 Quarterfinals BYEMesquite High School
3/21/19PLAYOFFSPLAYOFFS500 S McQueen Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85233
3/21/197pmAjax FA vs Puebla FCD1 Semi
1Mesquite High School
3/21/19745pmBoca Juniors AZ vs Los ChavalonesD1 Semi1Mesquite High School
3/21/19830pmD1 Final1Mesquite High School
3/21/19915pmFC Las Sendas vs Kohls GoalsCoed Consolation1Mesquite High School
3/21/197pmFIBT Ballerz vs XolosD2 Semi2Mesquite High School
3/21/19745pmD2 Final2Mesquite High School
3/21/19830pmFS United vs Supreme TeamCoed Semi2Mesquite High School
3/21/19915pmCoed Final2Mesquite High School
3/21/197pmMinty FC vs American KantsD2 Semi3Mesquite High School
3/21/19745pmGuerreros vs FIBT Ballerz/Minty FCConsolation3Mesquite High School
3/21/19830pmChivas FC vs Goal DiggersCoed Semi3Mesquite High School
3/21/19915pmFA City vs Red FuryConsolation3Mesquite High School
3/28/19NEW SEASON- Reserve Your Spot Now!NEW SEASON- Reserve Your Spot Now!Mesquite High School-500 S McQueen Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85233

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