6v6 Tempe-Chandler Wednesdays

NEW SEASON: April 17th, 2019

Tempe Adult Soccer:  Picture this. It’s Wednesday night. Middle of the week. You’re laying back in your favorite chair and are in desperate need of that boost and adrenaline rush to see you through the rest of the week.

What better way to do so than throwing on your cleats and heading down to 6v6 Tempe for some of the best adult soccer action in Arizona? Your Wednesday will never be the same!

With over 80 teams in our men’s and coed divisions, 6v6 Tempe has grown to be Arizona’s largest adult soccer league.

The action is fast, fun paced and welcomes all skill levels.

Join as a team or if you’re solo, no problem – we will find a team that’s a good fit for you.

Below is more info on the league and how to join:

  • Games are Wednesday between 6-10pm
  • Games in Tempe or Chandler
  • 8 week season
  • 100ft x 140ft field
  • Licensed Referees
  • 12 players max on roster
  • 1 keeper & 5 field players
  • Trophies & Prizes for winners
  • $49 per player or $380 per team


Now’s the time. Get off the couch and get involved in the action. Join our waiting list today as we have SOLD OUT for the last 4 years.

Medical Coverage:

Please remember that soccer is a contact sport at times. We do try and limit physical play because the league is casual, yet injuries can happen so we strongly suggest each soccer player to have insurance.  You can purchase a short term policy on your own, the league’s insurance is liability only.

Small Goal Soccer


Men’s Division 1

Rank Team W D L PTS
1 Nice Guys 4 0 1 12
2 Charlie & The Jets 3 1 1 10
3 Burn City F.C 3 1 0 10
4 FCX 2 1 2 7
5 Brochachos 2 0 2 6
6 Sports F.C 1 1 2 4
7 Strangers F.C 1 1 2 4
8 Barely Legal 1 0 3 3
9 Celtic AZ 0 1 4 0

Men’s Divison 2

Rank Team W D L PTS
1 Buck United 4 0 1 12
2 Sports F.C 3 0 2 9
3 Anarchist United   2 2 1 8
4 Barcazona  2 0 3 6
5 Teddy’s Blues 1 1 3 4
6 Blackout F.C 1 1 3 1

Men’s Division 3

Rank Team W D L PTS
1 Edwards Red 4 0 0 12
2 F.C Paz  4 0 0 12
3 Streamline F.C 3 0 2 9
4 Maple Ash F.C 2 2 0 8
5 Manchesthair United  2 0 2 6
6 F.C Vegeta 1 1 2 4
7 Zenit 1 1 2 4
8 Tricky Trees  1 0 3 3
9 Son’s a Pitches  0 1 3 1
10 F.C Armada 0 0 5 0


Men’s Division 4

Rank Team W D L PTS
1 Space Jam F.C 3 1 0 10
2 AZ Leicester 3 0 2 9
3 Phoenix Fire   2 2 1 8
4 EDJ United 2 1 2 7
5 Atlantic Trout 1 2 2 5
6 F.C Imagination 2 0 2 4
7 AZ Pack 1 1 2 4
8 Citizens  1 1 3 4
9 1984 1 0 3 3


Men’s Division 5

Rank Team W D L PTS
1 Atlantic Salmon 3 1 0 10
2 F.C McCarthy 3 0 1 9
3 Hillsquad United 2 1 1 7
4 1 In a Million  2 1 1 7
5 Dem Boyz 2 1 2 7
6 GFFC 1 3 0 6
7 SMV Studs 1 1 2 4
8 Deloitte 1 0 3 3
9 Tombstone F.C 1 0 3 3
10 Burrito F.C  1 0 4 3


Men’s Division 6

Rank Team W D L PTS
1 Copper City SC 4 1 0 13
2 LFR 3 2 0 11
3 Monstars 3 0 2 9
4 Deloitte 2 1 2 7
5 Bulletproof Tigers 2 0 3 6
6 Revolution F.C 2 0 3 6
7 Honeywell 1  2 0 3 6
8 F.C Harder AZ 0 0 5 0

CoEd 1


Rank Team W D L PTS
1 Charlie & the Jets 3 2 0 11
2 Phoenix Flailing F.C  2 3 0 9
3 FCX 2 2 1 8
4 F.C McFate 1 2 2 5
5 Penny & Friends 0 3 2 3
6 Just Old Friends 0 2 3 2

CoEd 2


Rank Team W D L PTS
1 Back that Pass Up 5 0 0 15
2 Dip Set 3 1 1 10
3 Z Fighter 2 1 2 7
4 SMV 2 0 3 6
5  Stingrays F.C 1 0 4 3
6 The Free Ballers 0 2 3 2

CoEd 3


Rank Team W D L PTS
1 Sparklenutz II 4 1 0 13
2 F.C Leones  4 0 1 12
3 SMV Expendables 3 0 2 9
4 WWAD 3 0 2 9
5 Member Berries    2 1 2 7
6 Scoregasm    2 0 3 6
7 Kwazy Cupcakes 1 0 4 3
8 Titanes  0 0 5 0

CoEd 4


Rank Team W D L PTS
1 Not Fast Just Furious 4 0 0 12
2 Phteven 3 1 0 10
3 We are Zlatan 2 1 2 7
4 Luquita 2 1 1 7
5 Streamlions 1 0 3 3
6 Empanadas F.C 1 0 3 3
7 Game of Throw Ins 0 1 4 1

CoEd 5


Rank Team W D L PTS
1 Team All Access  4 0 0 12
2 AOTP 3 1 1 10
3 KAMERICA Waffles  3 1 1 10
4 Beehive 6v6 2 2 1 8
5 Honeywell 2 2 1 1 7
6 Barstool United 0 1 4 1
7 Purple Haze  0 0 4 0
8 Psych Out F.C  0 0 4 0


04/17/19615pmPenny & Friends vs. Phoenix Flailing F.C5-5CoEd 11Benedict Park
04/17/19700pm1984 vs. EDJ United2-7Div 41Benedict Park
04/17/19745pmBurn City F.C Vs. Celtic AZ2-0Div 11Benedict Park
04/17/19830pmBrochachos vs. FCX0-3Div 11Benedict Park
04/17/19915pmBlackout F.C vs. Sports F.C3-4Div 21Benedict Park
04/17/19615pmF.C Paz vs. Tricky Trees5-0Div 32Benedict Park
04/17/19700pmF.C Imagination vs. AZ Pack5-2Div 42Benedict Park
04/17/19745pmGame Of Throw Ins vs. We Are Zlatan4-5CoEd 42Benedict Park
04/17/19830pmCharlie & The Jets vs. Sports F.C2-1Div 12Benedict Park
04/17/19915pmCharlie & The Jets vs. FCX CoEd4-4CoEd 12Benedict Park
04/17/19615pmTeddy's Blues vs. Anarchists United2-2Div 23Benedict Park
04/17/19700pmEdwards Reds vs. Streamline F.C3-1Div 33Benedict Park
04/17/19745pmStreamlions F.C vs. Not fast Just Furious0-4CoEd 33Benedict Park
04/17/19830pmF.C Armada vs. Manchesthair United4-7Div 33Benedict Park
04/17/19915pmF.C Vegeta vs. Zenit5-2Div 33Benedict Park
04/17/19615pmLuquita vs. Empanadas F.C3-1CoEd 44Benedict Park
04/17/19700pmSMV Expendables vs. F.C Leones0-3CoEd 34Benedict Park
04/17/19745pmSMV vs. Stingrays F.C2-3CoEd 24Benedict Park
04/17/19830pmSMV Studs vs. Tombstone FC3-1Div 54Benedict Park
04/17/19915pmAOTP vs. Corey Nicholson2-4CoEd 54Benedict Park
04/17/19805pmAZ Leicester vs. Atlantic Trouts1-3Div 45Benedict Park
04/17/19850pmAtlantic Salmon vs. F.C McCarthy4-3Div 55Benedict Park
04/17/19935pmHillsquad United vs. GFFC3-3Div 55Benedict Park
04/17/19805pmSons a' Pitches vs. Maple Ash F.C1-1Div 36Benedict Park
04/17/19850pmHoneywell A vs. Bulletproof Tigers2-1Div 56Benedict Park
04/17/19935pmHoneywell CoEd vs. Kamarica Waffles4-0CoEd 56Benedict Park
04/17/19805pmDeloitte F.C vs. 1 In A Million2-4Div 57Benedict Park
04/17/19850pmDeloitte F.C vs. Monstars3-4Div 67Benedict Park
04/17/19935pmAOTP vs. Team All Access CoEd 57Benedict Park
04/17/19805pmRevolution F.C vs. Copper City SC0-3Div 68Benedict Park
04/17/19850pmJust Old Friends vs. F.C McFate2-2CoEd 18Benedict Park
04/17/19935pmDem Boyz vs. Burrito F.C4-0Div 58Benedict Park
04/17/19805pmNice Guys vs. Barely Legal3-1Div 19Benedict Park
04/17/19850pmDipset vs. The Freeballers3-3CoEd 29Benedict Park
04/17/19935pmSpace Jam F.C vs. Phoenix Fire1-1Div 49Benedict Park
04/17/19805pmZ Fighter vs. Back That Pass Up1-3CoEd 210Benedict Park
04/17/19850pmBarcazona vs. Buck United3-4Div 210Benedict Park
04/17/19935pmSparklenutz II vs. WWAD3-1CoEd 310Benedict Park
04/17/19805pmKwazy Cupcakes vs. Titanes2-1CoEd 311Benedict Park
04/17/19850pmMember Berries vs. Scoregasm3-2CoEd 311Benedict Park
04/17/19935pm11Benedict Park
04/17/19805pmLFR vs. F.C Harder AZ2-0Div 612Benedict Park
04/17/19850pmBeehive F.C vs. Bar Stool United2-2CoEd 512Benedict Park
04/17/19935pm12Benedict Park
4/24/19Week 2CHECK LOCATION CHECK LOCATION Week 2Chandler Prep
1951 N Alma School Rd, Chandler, AZ 85224
4/24/196:15pmLFR vs. Monstar 3-1Div 6 Chandler Prep
4/24/197:00pmF.C Harder AZ vs. Copper City SC1-2Div 6 Chandler Prep
4/24/197:45pmNice Guys vs. FCX 5-3Div 1 Chandler Prep
4/24/198:30pmPenny & Friends vs. FCX 1-1Coed 1 Chandler Prep
4/24/199:15pmBrochachos vs. Barely Legal 8-2Div 1Chandler Prep
4/24/196:15pmKAMERICA Waffles vs. BarStool United 3-2Coed 5Chandler Prep
4/24/197:00pmTitanes vs. WWAD1-4Coed 3 Chandler Prep
4/24/197:45pmJust Old Friends vs. Charlie & The Jets 1-3Coed 1Chandler Prep
4/24/198:30pmCeltic AZ vs. Charlie & The Jets 2-3Div 1 Chandler Prep
4/24/199:15pmZ Fighters vs. Dip Set 2-3Coed 2Chandler Prep
4/24/196:15pmRevolution F.C vs. Bulletproof Tigers 0-3Div 6Chandler Prep
4/24/197:00pmBarcazona vs. Teddy's Blues 4-3Div 2Chandler Prep
4/24/197:45pmStingrays F.C vs. Back that Pass Up 1-2Coed 2 Chandler Prep
4/24/198:30pmAtlantic Salmon vs. Dem Boyz 2-0DIv 5Chandler Prep
4/24/199:15pmTombstone F.C vs. GFFC 1-2Div 5 Chandler Prep
4/24/196:15pmEdward's Reds vs. Son's a Pitches 4-1Div 3Chandler Prep
4/24/197:00pmPhteven vs. We are Zlatan 5-1Coed 4Chandler Prep
4/24/197:45pmCitizens vs. Atlantic Trout 1-1Div 4Chandler Prep
4/24/198:30pmHoneywell 2 vs. Team ALL ACCESS 0-2Coed 5 Chandler Prep
4/24/199:15pmHoneywell 1 vs. Deloitte 0-4Div 6Chandler Prep
4/24/19Different Location Different Location Benedict Park
4/24/196:15pmNot Fast Just Furious vs. Empanadas F.C 2-1Coed 4 Benedict Park
4/24/197:00pmStrangers F.C vs. Sports F.C 4-4Div 1 Benedict Park
4/24/197:45pmBuck United vs. Sports F.C 3-2Div 2Benedict Park
4/24/198:30pmKwazy Cupcakes vs. Member Berries 1-3Coed 3Benedict Park
4/24/199:15pmF.C McCarthy vs. Hillsquad United 4-3Div 5Benedict Park
4/24/196:15pmSpace Jam F.C vs. AZ Pack 6-2Div 4Benedict Park
4/24/197:00pmBlackout F.C vs. Anarchist United 1-1Div 2Benedict Park
4/24/197:45pmSMV vs. The Free Ballers 3-1Coed 2Benedict Park
4/24/198:30pmSparklenutz II vs. SMV Expendables 3-1Coed 3Benedict Park
4/24/199:15pmF.C Leones vs. Scoregasm 4-3Coed 3 Benedict Park
4/24/196:15pmPurple Haze vs. AOTP 3-4Coed 4Benedict Park
4/24/197:00pmF.C Imagination vs. Phoenix Fire F.C 2-3Div 4 Benedict Park
4/24/197:45pmGame of Throw Ins vs. Streamlions 1-3Coed 4 Benedict Park
4/24/198:30pmF.C Armada vs. Streamline F.C 1-5Div 3Benedict Park
4/24/199:15pmPhoenix Flailing vs. F.C McFate 5-3Coed 1 Benedict Park
4/24/196:15pmAZ Leicester vs. EDJ United 2-0Div 4Benedict Park
4/24/197:00pmTricky Trees vs. Manchesthair United 1-6Div 3 Benedict Park
4/24/197:45pmMaple Ash F.C vs. Zenit 6-2Div 3Benedict Park
4/24/198:30pmBurrito F.C vs. 1 in a Million 0-2Div 5Benedict Park
4/24/199:15pmBeehive 6v6 vs. Psych Out F.C 3-1Coed 5 Benedict Park
5/01/19Week 3Week 3Benedict Park
5/01/196:15pmTombstone F.C vs. Dem Boyz 4-2Div 5Benedict Park
5/01/197:00pmStrangers F.C vs. Celtic AZ4-2Div 1Benedict Park
5/01/197:45pmNice Guys vs. Brochachos 4-0Div 1Benedict Park
5/01/198:30pm Penny & Friends vs. Charlie & the Jets 3-5Coed 1 Benedict Park
5/01/199:15pmPhoenix Flailing vs. Just Old Friends3-2Coed 1 Benedict Park
5/01/196:15pmF.C Leones vs. Sparklenutz II 3-6Coed 3Benedict Park
5/01/197:00pmStreamline vs. Manchesthair United 2-0Div 3Benedict Park
5/01/197:45pmBurn City F.C vs. Charlie & the Jets 5-5Div 1Benedict Park
5/01/198:30pm Psych Out F.C vs. KAMERICA Waffles 3-6Coed 5 Benedict Park
5/01/199:15pmZ Fighters vs. Stingrays F.C 4-1Coed 2Benedict Park
5/01/196:15pmPhteven vs. Streamlions F.C 4-2Coed 4Benedict Park
5/01/197:00pmCitizens vs. EDJ United 2-4Div 4 Benedict Park
5/01/197:45pmPurple Haze vs. Beehive 6V6 0-5Coed 5 Benedict Park
5/01/198:30pm FCX vs. Barely Legal 4-0Div 1 Benedict Park
5/01/199:15pmFCX vs. F.C McFate 5-2Coed 1 Benedict Park
5/01/196:15pmWe are Zlatan vs. Luquita 3-3Coed 4Benedict Park
5/01/197:00pmBar Stool United vs. Team All Access3-5Coed 5 Benedict Park
5/01/197:45pmWWAD vs. Member Berries 4-2Coed 3 Benedict Park
5/01/198:30pm 1 in a Million vs. Atlantic Salmon 1-1Div 5Benedict Park
5/01/199:15pmPhoenix Fire vs. Atlatic Trout 3-1Div 4 Benedict Park
5/01/196:15pmSports F.C vs. Barcazona5-2Div 2Benedict Park
5/01/197:00pmThe Free Ballers vs. Back that Pass UP 3-4Coed 2Benedict Park
5/01/197:45pmNot Fast Just Furious vs. Game of Throw Ins 2-0Coed 4Benedict Park
5/01/198:30pm Space Jam F.C vs. F.C Imagination 3-1Div 4Benedict Park
5/01/199:15pmF.C Paz vs. F.C Armada 5-2Div 3 Benedict Park
5/01/196:15pmCopper City SC vs. Monstars 2-0Div 6Benedict Park
5/01/197:00pmHillsquad United vs. SMV Studs 1-0Div 5 Benedict Park
5/01/197:45pmAnarchist United vs. Buck United 4-3Div 2 Benedict Park
5/01/198:30pm SMV Expendables vs. Titanes 4-0Coed 3 Benedict Park
5/01/199:15pmSMV vs. Dip Set 2-0Coed 2 Benedict Park
5/01/196:15pmBlackout F,C vs. Teddy's Blues 3-4Div 2 Benedict Park
5/01/197:00pmKwazy Cupcakes vs. Scoregasm 2-5Coed 3 Benedict Park
5/01/197:45pmF.C Vegeta vs. Maple Ash F.C 2-2Div 3 Benedict Park
5/01/198:30pm Deloitte F.C vs. Burrito F.C 3-0Div 5 Benedict Park
5/01/199:15pmDeloitte F.C vs. LFR 4-4Div 6 Benedict Park
5/01/196:15pmF.C Harder AZ vs. Bulletproof Tigers 2-3Div 6 Benedict Park
5/01/197:00pmTricky Trees vs. Son's a Pitches 3-2Div 3 Benedict Park
5/01/197:45pm1984 vs. AZ Leicester 2-1Div 4 Benedict Park
5/01/198:30pm Honeywell 2 vs. AOTP 1-1Coed 5 Benedict Park
5/01/199:15pmHoneywell 1 vs. Revolution F,C 0-1Div 6 Benedict Park
5/08/19Week 4Week 4Benedict Park
5/08/196:15pmDip Set vs. Stingrays F.C 2-0Coed 2 1Benedict Park
5/08/197:00pmF.C McFate vs. Penny & Friends 5-2Coed 1 1Benedict Park
5/08/197:45pmBurn City vs. Nice Guys 2-1Div 1 1Benedict Park
5/08/198:30pmBarely Legal vs. Celtic AZ 2-1Div 1 1Benedict Park
5/08/199:15pmF.C Harder AZ vs. Revolution F.C 1-3Div 61Benedict Park
5/08/196:15pmBar Stool United vs. AOTP 0-3Coed 52Benedict Park
5/08/197:00pm Charlie & the Jets vs. Phoenix Flailing 2-2Coed 1 2Benedict Park
5/08/197:45pmCharlie & the Jets vs. Strangers F.C 1-0Div 1 2Benedict Park
5/08/198:30pmFCX vs. Sports F.C 1-2Div 1 2Benedict Park
5/08/199:15pmFCX vs. Just Old Friends 5-2Coed 12Benedict Park
5/08/196:15pm1984 vs. Space Jam F.C 1-3Div 43Benedict Park
5/08/197:00pmZenit vs. Tricky Trees 3-1Div 3 3Benedict Park
5/08/197:45pm We are Zlatan vs. Empanadas F.C 4-3Coed 43Benedict Park
5/08/198:30pmAnarchist United vs. Barcazona 1-2Div 2 3Benedict Park
5/08/199:15pmSMV vs. Back that Pass Up 1-3Coed 2 3Benedict Park
5/08/196:15pmKwazy Cupcakes vs. F.C Leones 1-4Coed 34Benedict Park
5/08/197:00pmF.C Vegeta vs. Edward's Reds 3-5Div 3 4Benedict Park
5/08/197:45pm Sports F.C vs. Teddy's Blues 4-1Div 2 4Benedict Park
5/08/198:30pmMaple Ash F.C vs. F.C Armada 5-4Div 3 4Benedict Park
5/08/199:15pmBuck United vs. Blackout F.C 3-1Div 2 4Benedict Park
5/08/196:15pmMonstars vs. Bulletproof Tigers 4-2Div 6 5Benedict Park
5/08/197:00pmF.C McCarthy vs. SMV Studs 4-2Div 5 5Benedict Park
5/08/197:45pm SMV Expendables vs. Member Berries 2-1Coed 3 5Benedict Park
5/08/198:30pmBurrito F.C vs. Hillsquad United 1-3Div 5 5Benedict Park
5/08/199:15pmPhoenix Fire F.C vs. EDJ United 2-2Div 4 5Benedict Park
5/08/196:15pmCitizens vs. AZ Leicester 0-4Div 46Benedict Park
5/08/197:00pmLuquita vs. Streamlions 4-2Coed 46Benedict Park
5/08/197:45pm F.C Paz vs. Streamline F.C 4-0Div 3 6Benedict Park
5/08/198:30pmHoneywell 2 vs. Purple Haze 7-1Coed 56Benedict Park
5/08/199:15pmHoneywell 1 vs. LFR 1-2Div 6 6Benedict Park
5/08/196:15pmKAMERICA Waffles vs. Beehive 6v6 3-3Coed 57Benedict Park
5/08/197:00pmAtlantic Trout vs. AZ Pack 4-4Div 4 7Benedict Park
5/08/197:45pm Atlantic Salmon vs. Deloitte 4-3Div 5 7Benedict Park
5/08/198:30pmCopper City SC vs. Deloitte 3-2Div 6 7Benedict Park
5/08/199:15pmTitanes vs. Sparkelnutz II 2-6Coed 3 7Benedict Park
5/08/196:15pmGFFC vs. Dem Boyz 1-1Div 5 8Benedict Park
5/08/197:00pmPhteven vs. Game of Throw Ins 2-2Coed 48Benedict Park
5/08/197:45pm Team All Access vs. Psych Out F.C 1-0Coed 5 8Benedict Park
5/08/198:30pmWWAD vs. Scoregasm 2-4Coed 3 8Benedict Park
5/08/199:15pmZ Fighter vs. The Free Ballers 3-3Coed 2 8Benedict Park
5/15/19Week 5Week 5Benedict Park
5/15/196:15pmBar Stool United vs. Honeywell 23-5Coed 5 1Benedict Park
5/15/197:00pmF.C Harder AZ vs. Honeywell 10-1Div 6 1Benedict Park
5/15/197:45pmNice Guys vs. Charlie & the Jets 8-6Div 1 1Benedict Park
5/15/198:30pmFCX vs. Charlie & the Jets 1-0Coed 11Benedict Park
5/15/199:15pmFCX vs. Celtic AZ 2-2Div 1 1Benedict Park
5/15/196:15pmPhteven vs. Luquita 4-2Coed 42Benedict Park
5/15/197:00pm1984 vs. Citizens 0-5Div 42Benedict Park
5/15/197:45pmEdward's Reds vs. F.C Armada 3-2Div 32Benedict Park
5/15/198:30pmPenny & Friends vs. Just Old Friends 3-3Coed 1 2Benedict Park
5/15/199:15pmAZ Pack vs. EDJ United 3-2Div 4 2Benedict Park
5/15/196:15pmKAMERICA Waffles vs. Purple Haze 3-0Coed 53Benedict Park
5/15/197:00pmTeam All Access vs. Beehive 6v6 4-2Coed 5 3Benedict Park
5/15/197:45pmWWAD vs. Kwazy Cupcakes 4-1Coed 3 3Benedict Park
5/15/198:30pmSMV Expendables vs. Scoregasm 2-1Coed 3 3Benedict Park
5/15/199:15pmSMV vs. Z Fighter 0-1Coed 2 3Benedict Park
5/15/196:15pmPsych Out F.C vs. AOTP 0-3Coed 54Benedict Park
5/15/197:00pmAnarchist United vs. Teddy's Blues 4-1Div 2 4Benedict Park
5/15/197:45pmSMV Studs vs. GFFC 3-3Div 5 4Benedict Park
5/15/198:30pmStrangers F.C vs. Burn City 2-3Div 14Benedict Park
5/15/199:15pmCopper City SC vs. LFR 0-0Div 64Benedict Park
5/15/196:15pmBurrito F.C vs. Tombstone F.C 3-1Div 5 5Benedict Park
5/15/197:00pmZenit vs. Son's a Pitches 4-4Div 3 5Benedict Park
5/15/197:45pmMember Berries vs. Sparklenutz II 4-4Coed 35Benedict Park
5/15/198:30pmBarcazona vs. Blackout F.C 1-5Div 2 5Benedict Park
5/15/199:15pmBack that Pass Up vs. Stingrays F.C 2-1Coed 2 5Benedict Park
5/15/196:15pmMonstars vs. Revolution F.C 6-4Div 6 6Benedict Park
5/15/197:00pmThe Free Ballers vs. Dip Set 1-4Coed 26Benedict Park
5/15/197:45pmBuck United vs. Sports F.C 3-1Div 2 6Benedict Park
5/15/198:30pmBrochachos vs. Sports F.C 2-1Div 1 6Benedict Park
5/15/199:15pmPhoenix Fire F.C vs. AZ Leicester 0-1Div 4 6Benedict Park
5/15/196:15pmF.C McFate vs. Phoenix Flailing 3-3Coed 1 7Benedict Park
5/15/197:00pmTitanes vs. F.C Leones 2-5Coed 3 7Benedict Park
5/15/197:45pmEmapanadas vs. Game of Throw Ins 5-1Coed 4 7Benedict Park
5/15/198:30pmAtlantic Trout vs. F.C Imagination 2-3Div 47Benedict Park
5/15/199:15pmF.C Paz vs. Manchesthair United 6-1Div 37Benedict Park
5/15/196:15pmNot Fast Just Furious vs. We are Zlatann 4-2Coed 48Benedict Park
5/15/197:00pmStreamline F.C vs. F.C Vegeta 4-2Div 38Benedict Park
5/15/197:45pmBulletproof Tigers vs. Deloitte 5-8Div 6 8Benedict Park
5/15/198:30pmF.C McCarthy vs, Deloitte 5-4Div 5 8Benedict Park
5/15/199:15pm1 in a Million vs. Dem Boyz 3-6Div 5 8Benedict Park
5/22/19Week 6NEW LOCATION NEW LOCATION Week 6Pecos Park
17010 S 48th St, Phoenix, AZ 85048
5/22/196:15pm Bulletproof Tigers vs. LFR Div 6 Pecos Park
5/22/197:00pmBarcazona vs. Sports f.C Div 2 Pecos Park
5/22/197:45pm Nice Guys vs. Sports F.C Div 1Pecos Park
5/22/198:30pm Celtic AZ vs. Brochachos Div 1 Pecos Park
5/22/199:15pmF.C Vegeta vs. Son's a Pitches Div 3 Pecos Park
5/22/196:15pm GFFC vs. 1 in a MillioDiv 5 Pecos Park
5/22/197:00pmCharlie & the Jets vs. F.C McFate Coed 1 Pecos Park

5/22/197:45pm Back that Pass Up vs. Dip Set Coed 2Pecos Park
5/22/198:30pm Penny & Friends vs. FCX Coed 1Pecos Park
5/22/199:15pmBurn City F.C vs. FCX Div 1 Pecos Park
5/22/196:15pm Purple Haze vs. Bar Stool United Coed 5 Pecos Park
5/22/197:00pmBarely Legal vs. Strangers F.C Div 1 Pecos Park
5/22/197:45pm Streamlions vs. Empanadas F.C Coed 4Pecos Park
5/22/198:30pm Anarchist United vs. Blackout F.C Div 2 Pecos Park
5/22/199:15pmMonstar vs. F.C Harder AZ Div 6 Pecos Park
5/22/196:15pm Burrito F.C vs. F.C McCarthy Div 5 Pecos Park
5/22/197:00pmSreamline F.C vs. Maple Ash F.C Div 3 Pecos Park
5/22/197:45pm WWAD vs. F.C Leones Coed 3 Pecos Park
5/22/198:30pm Z Fighter vs. Stingrays F.C Coed 2 Pecos Park
5/22/199:15pmKAMERICA Waffles vs. Team All Access Coed 5 Pecos Park
5/22/196:15pm EDJ United vs. F.C Imagination Div 4Pecos Park
5/22/197:00pmGame of Throw Ins vs. Luquita Coed 4 Pecos Park
5/22/197:45pm F.C Paz vs. Son's a Pitches Div 3 Pecos Park
5/22/198:30pm Deloitte F.C vs. Revolution F.C Div 6 Pecos Park
5/22/199:15pmDeloitte F.C vs. Hillsquad United Div 5 Pecos Park
5/22/196:15pm The Free Ballers vs. SMV Coed 2 Pecos Park
5/22/197:00pmSMV Expendables vs. Kwazy Cupcakes Coed 3 Pecos Park
5/22/197:45pm SMV Studs vs. Atlantic Salmon Div 5 Pecos Park
5/22/198:30pm Space Jam F,C vs. Atlantic Trout Div 4 Pecos Park
5/22/199:15pmScoregasm vs. Sparklenutz II Coed 3 Pecos Park
5/22/196:15pm Tricky Trees vs. Edward's Reds Div 3 Pecos Park
5/22/197:00pm1984 VS. AZ Pack Div 4 Pecos Park
5/22/197:45pm Honeywell 1 vs. Copper City SC Div 6 Pecos Park
5/22/198:30pm Honeywell 2 vs. Psych Out F.C Coed 5Pecos Park
5/22/199:15pmJust Old Friends vs. Phoenix Flailing Coed 1 Pecos Park
5/22/196:15pm AOTP vs. Beehive 6v6 Coed 5 Pecos Park
5/22/197:00pmTeddy's Blues vs. Buck United Div 2Pecos Park
5/22/197:45pm Phteven vs. Not Fast Just Furious Coed 4 Pecos Park
5/22/198:30pm Phoenix Fire vs. Citizens Div 4 Pecos Park
5/22/199:15pmMember Berries vs. Titanes Coed 3Pecos Park
5/29/19Week 7Week 7Benedict Park
5/29/196:15pm Zenit vs. Streamline F.C Div 3 Benedict Park
5/29/197:00pm We are Zlatan vs. Streamlions Coed 4Benedict Park
5/29/197:45pmNice Guys vs. Strangers F.C Div 1 Benedict Park
5/29/198:30pm FCX vs. Phoenix Flailing Coed 1 Benedict Park
5/29/199:15pmAOTP vs. KAMERICA WafflesCoed 5 Benedict Park
5/29/196:15pm Luquita vs. Not Fast Just Furious Coed 4 Benedict Park
5/29/197:00pm Team All Access vs. Purple Haze Coed 5 Benedict Park
5/29/197:45pmBuck United vs. Barcazona Div 2 Benedict Park
5/29/198:30pm Anarchist United vs. Sports F.C Div 2 Benedict Park
5/29/199:15pmDem Boyz vs. SMV Studs Div 5 Benedict Park
5/29/196:15pm Burrito F.C vs. GFFC Div 5Benedict Park
5/29/197:00pm Teddy's Blues vs. Blackout F.C Div 2 Benedict Park
5/29/197:45pmF.C Paz vs. Edward's Reds Div 3 Benedict Park
5/29/198:30pm Revolution F.C vs. LFR Div 6 Benedict Park
5/29/199:15pmF.C McFate vs. Just Old Friends Coed 1 Benedict Park
5/29/196:15pm Barely Legal vs. Burn City F.C Div 1 Benedict Park
5/29/197:00pm F.C Imagination vs. AZ Leicester Div 4Benedict Park
5/29/197:45pmEDJ United vs. Space Jam F.C Benedict Park
5/29/198:30pm Bulletproof Tigers vs. Copper City F.C Div 6 Benedict Park
5/29/199:15pmScoregasm vs. Titanes Coed 3Benedict Park
5/29/196:15pm Psych Out F.C vs. Bar Stool United Coed 5 Benedict Park
5/29/197:00pm Maple Ash F.C vs. Manchesthair United Div 3 Benedict Park
5/29/197:45pmCeltic AZ vs. Sports F.C Div 2Benedict Park
5/29/198:30pm Brochachos vs. Charlie & JetsDiv 1Benedict Park
5/29/199:15pmPenny & Friends vs. Charlie & Jets Coed 1 Benedict Park
5/29/196:15pm The Free Ballers vs. Stingrays F.C Coed 2Benedict Park
5/29/197:00pm Dip Set vs. SMV Coed 2 Benedict Park
5/29/197:45pmWWAD vs. SMV Expendables Coed 3 Benedict Park
5/29/198:30pm Z fighter vs. Back that Pass Up Coed 2 Benedict Park
5/29/199:15pmSparkelnutz II vs. Kwazy Cupcakes Coed 3 Benedict Park
5/29/196:15pm 1 in a Million vs. F.C McCarthy Div 5Benedict Park
5/29/197:00pm Beehive 6v6 vs. Honeywell 2Coed 5Benedict Park
5/29/197:45pmMonstars vs. Honeywell 1Div 6 Benedict Park
5/29/198:30pm Deloitte F.C vs. F.C Harder AZ Div 6 Benedict Park
5/29/199:15pmTombstone F.C vs. Atlantic Salmon Div 5 Benedict Park
5/29/196:15pm Tricky Trees vs. F.C Armada Div 3 Benedict Park
5/29/197:00pm 1984 vs. Phoenix Fire F.C Div 4 Benedict Park
5/29/197:45pmAZ Pack vs. Citizens Div 4 Benedict Park
5/29/198:30pm Phteven vs. Empanadas Coed 4 Benedict Park
5/29/199:15pmMember Berries vs. F.C Leones Coed 3 Benedict Park
6/5/19Playoffs Playoffs
6/12/19Cup Finals Cup Finals

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