6v6 Gilbert Adult Soccer - Mondays

NEW SEASON: September 23rd, 2019

Monday Night in Gilbert is just the latest edition of Adult 6v6 Soccer with SGS as we continue to bring soccer to you wherever you are in the valley. Games are played in the east valley of Gilbert between 6-10pm. We have men’s and coed divisions, so everyone is welcome.

Whether you are a free agent looking for a team or you have your own squad, we have room for you to join us on the pitch!

What can you expect? Fast paced, fun soccer in a friendly environment. Plenty of touches on the ball. Competitive and recreational play.

Below is more info on the league and how to join:

  • Games are Monday nights 6-10pm
  • Games at Strikers Complex
  • 9 week season
  • 8 games guaranteed
  • 45 minute games
  • 150ft x 100ft field
  • Licensed Referees
  • All skill levels
  • 12 players max on roster
  • 1 keeper & 5 field players
  • Trophies & Prizes for winners
  • $50 per player or $400 per team


Now’s the time. Get off the couch and get involved in the action. Join our waiting list today as we have SOLD OUT for the last 7 years.

Small Goal Soccer


Men’s Division 1

1 Super Soakers
 5 0 0  15
2 Fulham FC  2  1  2  7
3 Ajax FA  2  0  2  6
4 Can’t Stop Won’t Stop  1  2  1  5
5 Black Panthers  1  1  3  4
6 Boca Juniors AZ  1  0  4  3

Men’s Division 2


1 Scratch N Sniff  3  1  1  10
2 Eagles  2  2  2  8
3 Los Devils
 2  1  3  7
4 Team Kyle
 2  1  2  7
5 Peralta Penetrators
 2  1  2  7

Men’s Division 3

1 FC Leones
 3  1  1  10
2 Mission Orange  2  2  1  8
3 Elma FC  2  1  2  7
4 Akatsuki
 2  1 2  7
5 FC Town Lake  2 0  3  6
6 Welch PT
 1  1  3  4

Men’s Division 4

1 The Gers  3  2  0  11
2 Dirty Mike & the Boys
 3 0  1  9
3 Squirtle Squad  3  0  2  9
4 Burrito FC  2  1  2  7
5 Real McClure
 2 1  2  7
6 SGS United  2  0  3  6
7 Side Guys  1  0  4  3
8 Mesa Rapids  1  0  3  3

Coed Division 1

1 Team SBD
 4 1 0  13
2 And We Came To Pass
 4 0 1  12
3 Maximus FC  3  0  1  9
4 Minions  2 0 3  7
5 FC Mesa  1  1  3  4
6 Drew’s Crew  1  1  3  4
7 Gilbert FC
 0  0  5  0


7/15/19WEEK 1WEEK 112033-12341 S Sossaman Rd, Mesa, AZ 85212
7/15/19745pmCan't Stop Won't Stop vs Boca Juniors AZ2-0D11Strikers Complex
7/15/19830pmGilbert FC vs FC Mesa1-5Coed1Strikers Complex
7/15/19915pmAnd We Came to Pass vs Maximus FC1-2Coed1Strikers Complex
7/15/197pmPeralta Penetrators vs Los Devils2-4D22Strikers Complex
7/15/19745pmEagles vs Team Kyle4-0D22Strikers Complex
7/15/19830pmAkatusuki vs Elma FC2-1D32Strikers Complex
7/15/19915pmFC Leones vs Mission Orange2-1D32Strikers Complex
7/15/197pmReal McClure vs Squirtle Squad1-2D43Strikers Complex
7/15/19745pmMesa Rapids vs The Gers2-4D43Strikers Complex
7/15/19830pmFC Town Lake vs Welch PT3-0D33Strikers Complex
7/15/197pmDirty Mike & The Boys vs Team Burrito7-4D44Strikers Complex
7/15/19745pmSide Guys vs SGS United3-9D44Strikers Complex
7/15/19830pmFA Ajax vs Fulham FC3-6D14Strikers Complex
7/22/19WEEK 2WEEK 212033-12341 S Sossaman Rd, Mesa, AZ 85212
7/22/19630pmSGS United vs Squirtle Squad4-2D41Strikers Complex
7/22/19715pmDrew's Crew vs Isagenix Jr0-4Coed1Strikers Complex
7/22/19630pmPeralta Penetrators vs Eagles3-1D22Strikers Complex
7/22/19715pmElma FC vs Welch PT4-2D32Strikers Complex
7/22/19715pmLos Devils vs Scratch N Sniff1-2D23Strikers Complex
7/22/19715pmReal McClure vs The Gers3-3D44Strikers Complex
7/29/19WEEK 3WEEK 312033-12341 S Sossaman Rd, Mesa, AZ 85212
7/29/19630pmMesa Rapids vs Real McClure2-4D41Strikers Complex
7/29/19715pmMaximus vs Team SBD5-8Coed1Strikers Complex
7/29/198pmSquirtle Squad vs Team Burrito2-0D43Strikers Complex
7/29/19845pmAjax FA vs Boca Juniors AZ3-2D11Strikers Complex
7/29/19930pmTeam Kyle vs Peralta Penetrators3-2D21Strikers Complex
7/29/19630pmSGS United vs The Gers3-6D42Strikers Complex
7/29/19715pmSuper Soakers vs Black Panthers1-0D12Strikers Complex
7/29/198pmFulham FC vs Super Soakers2-3D12Strikers Complex
7/29/19845pmScratch N Sniff vs Eagles3-1D23Strikers Complex
7/29/19930pmWelch PT vs Mission Orange0-0D32Strikers Complex
7/29/19630pmBlack Panthers vs Can't Stop Won't Stop3-3D13Strikers Complex
7/29/19715pmElma FC vs FC Town Lake5-1D31Strikers Complex
7/29/198pmEagles vs Los Devils2-2D23Strikers Complex
7/29/19845pmAkatsuki vs Mission Orange1-2D33Strikers Complex
7/29/19930pmAkatsuki vs FC Leones0-3D33Strikers Complex
7/29/19630pmAnd We Came to Pass vs Gilbert FC3-2Coed
4Strikers Complex
7/29/19715pmAnd We Came to Pass vs FC Mesa8-2Coed4Strikers Complex
7/29/198pmGilbert FC vs Minions1-2Coed4Strikers Complex
7/29/19845pmDrew's Crew vs Minions1-1Coed4Strikers Complex
7/29/19930pmSide Guys vs Dirty Mike & the Boys0-6D44Strikers Complex
WEEK 4WEEK 412033-12341 S Sossaman Rd, Mesa, AZ 85212
8/5/19630pmFulham FC vs Can't Stop Won't Stop0-0D11Strikers Complex
8/5/19715pmFulham FC vs Black Panthers 4-5D11Strikers Complex
8/5/198pmBlack Panthers vs Boca Juniors AZ1-2D11Strikers Complex
8/5/19845pmSquirtle Squad vs Dirty Mike & the Boys1-3D41Strikers Complex
8/5/19930pmSide Guys vs Mesa Rapids4-3D41Strikers Complex
8/5/19630pmFC Mesa vs Team SBD3-3Coed2Strikers Complex
8/5/19715pmMaximus FC vs Gilbert FC3-0Coed2Strikers Complex
8/5/198pmMinions vs Team SBD0-1Coed2Strikers Complex
8/5/19845pmTeam Burrito vs The Gers2-2D42Strikers Complex
8/5/19930pmFC Mesa vs Drew's Crew0-1Coed2Strikers Complex
8/5/19630pmFC Town Lake vs Akatsuki1-2D33Strikers Complex
8/5/19715pmWelch PT vs FC Leones1-3D33Strikers Complex
8/5/198pmTeam Kyle vs Scratch N Sniff3-0D23Strikers Complex
8/5/19845pmTeam Kyle vs Los Devils3-4D23Strikers Complex
8/5/19930pmSuper Soakers vs Ajax FA6-2D13Strikers Complex
8/5/19630pmAnd We Came to Pass vs Minions6-1Coed4Strikers Complex
8/5/19715pmScratch N Sniff vs Peralta Penetrators2-2D24Strikers Complex
8/5/198pmSGS United vs Real McClure2-6D44Strikers Complex
8/5/19845pmElma FC vs Mission Orange2-3D34Strikers Complex
8/5/19930pmLos Devils vs Eagles2-5D24Strikers Complex
8/12/19WEEK 5WEEK 512033-12341 S Sossaman Rd, Mesa, AZ 85212
8/12/19630pmTeam Kyle vs Eagles1-1D22Strikers Complex
8/12/19715pmTeam Kyle vs Scratch N Sniff0-6D21Strikers Complex
8/12/198pmCan't Stop Won't Stop vs Ajax FA1-2D11Strikers Complex
8/12/19845pmSuper Soakers vs Boca Juniors AZ5-1D11Strikers Complex
8/12/19930pmAkatsuki vs Mission Orange2-2D31Strikers Complex
8/12/19630pmThe Gers vs Dirty Mike & the Boys4-0D42Strikers Complex
8/12/19715pmElma FC vs FC Leones2-2D32Strikers Complex
8/12/198pmBlack Panthers vs Super Soakers2-3D12Strikers Complex
8/12/19845pmLos Devils vs Peralta Penetrators2-4D22Strikers Complex
8/12/19930pmTeam Burrito vs Real McClure4-1D42Strikers Complex
8/12/19630pmAnd We Came to Pass vs Drew's Crew6-1Coed3Strikers Complex
8/12/19715pmGilbert FC vs Team SBD1-5Coed3Strikers Complex
8/12/198pmFulham FC vs Boca Juniors AZ3-2D13Strikers Complex
8/12/19845pmSide Guys vs Team Burrito0-2D43Strikers Complex
8/12/19930pmSquirtle Squad vs Side Guys3-2D43Strikers Complex
8/12/19630pmFC Mesa vs Minions1-3Coed4Strikers Complex
8/12/19715pmMaximus FC vs Drew's Crew5-0Coed4Strikers Complex
8/12/198pmFC Town Lake vs Welch PT3-6D34Strikers Complex
8/12/19845pmFC Town Lake vs FC Leones3-0D34Strikers Complex
8/12/19930pmSGS United vs Mesa Rapids2-6D44Strikers Complex
8/19/19WEEK 6WEEK 612033-12341 S Sossaman Rd, Mesa, AZ 85212
8/19/19630pmFulham FC vs Black PanthersD11Strikers Complex
8/19/19715pmScratch N Sniff vs Los DevilsD21Strikers Complex
8/19/198pmSuper Soakers vs Can't Stop Won't StopD11Strikers Complex
8/19/19845pmMaximus FC vs MinionsCoed1Strikers Complex
8/19/19930pmMaximus FC vs FC MesaCoed1Strikers Complex
8/19/19630pmAnd We Came To Pass vs Team SBDCoed2Strikers Complex
8/19/19715pmAjax FA vs Can't Stop Won't StopD12Strikers Complex
8/19/198pmAjax FA vs Boca Juniors AZD12Strikers Complex
8/19/19845pmPeralta Penetrators vs Team KyleD22Strikers Complex
8/19/19930pmEagles vs Peralta PenetratorsD22Strikers Complex
8/19/19630pmGilbert FC vs Drew's CrewCoed3Strikers Complex
8/19/19715pmMesa Rapids vs Squirtle SquadD43Strikers Complex
8/19/198pmAkatsuki vs FC LeonesD33Strikers Complex
8/19/19845pmDirty Mike & the Boys vs Real McClureD43Strikers Complex
8/19/19930pmFC Town Lake vs Mission OrangeD33Strikers Complex
8/19/19715pmThe Gers vs Side GuysD44Strikers Complex
8/19/198pmElma FC vs Welch PTD34Strikers Complex
8/19/19845pmTeam Burrito vs SGS UnitedD44Strikers Complex
8/19/19930pmMesa Rapids vs Dirty Mike & the BoysD44Strikers Complex
8/26/19WEEK 7WEEK 712033-12341 S Sossaman Rd, Mesa, AZ 85212
8/26/197pm2 vs 7Coed Quarter Final1Strikers Complex
8/26/19745pmFulham FC vs Super SoakersD11Strikers Complex
8/26/19830pmEagles vs Scratch N SniffD21Strikers Complex
8/26/19915pmPeralta Penetrators vs Scratch N SniffD21Strikers Complex
8/26/197pm4 vs 5Coed Quarter Final2Strikers Complex
8/26/19745pmElma FC vs FC Town LakeD32Strikers Complex
8/26/19830pmWelch PT vs AkatsukiD32Strikers Complex
8/26/19915pmThe Gers vs Squirtle SquadD42Strikers Complex
8/26/197pm3 vs 6Coed Quarter Final3Strikers Complex
8/26/19745pmBlack Panthers vs Ajax FAD13Strikers Complex
8/26/19830pmTeam Kyle vs Los DevilsD23Strikers Complex
8/26/19915pmFC Leones vs Mission OrangeD33Strikers Complex
8/26/197pmDirty Mike & the Boys vs SGS UnitedD44Strikers Complex
8/26/19745pmTeam Burrito vs Mesa Rapids D44Strikers Complex
8/26/19830pmBoca Juniors AZ vs Can't Stop Won't StopD14Strikers Complex
8/26/19915pmReal McClure vs Side GuysD44Strikers Complex
8/26/19#1 Seed ByeCoedStrikers Complex
9/9/19Semi Finals and Consolation GamesFINALS12033-12341 S Sossaman Rd, Mesa, AZ 85212
Strikers Complex
Strikers Complex
Strikers Complex
Strikers Complex
9/16/19FINALSStrikers Complex
9/23/19NEW SEASONNEW SEASONStrikers Complex12033-12341 S Sossaman Rd, Mesa, AZ 85212
Strikers Complex
Strikers Complex
Strikers Complex
Strikers Complex
Strikers Complex
Strikers Complex
Strikers Complex
Strikers Complex
Strikers Complex
Strikers Complex

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