These are the most FAQ’s in regards to the wonderful world of 6v6 Small Goal Soccer. Take a moment. Read through. And if you are still left with a confused look on your face. Contact Us below

Q. Where are the league’s played?

You can find the league that fits you best by checking them out here

Q. How long are the games?

A. Game lengths are generally 50 minutes total in length.

Q. Do you have mens and coed divisions?

A. We have mens, coed and womens divisions.  Something for everyone.

Q. I am new to soccer. Is there a division for me?

A. Yes. We cater to all skill levels from beginners to world cup wannabee’s.

Q. What size goals do you use?

A. The goals are 6′ by 12′. So you need a goalie!

Q. Do you use referees?

A. Yes. We use only refs that are certified by the state of play.

Q. I am a free agent. How do I get on a team?

A. Take a moment to add your name to our waiting list here and we will get you info on signing up. Generally once you register we will get your info to a team captain for the season.

Q. What is the format for the season?

A. Each team plays each other once in their division then we move to playoffs for the top 4 teams and our famous “Wooden Spoon” games for the bottom 4 teams.

Q. How many players are on the field at once?

A. 1 Goalkeeper and 5 outfield players (6 total)

Q. How many players am I allowed on my roster?

A. You can have up to 12 players on your roster but most teams carry 9-10 players to maximize playing time.

Q. How many female players are needed for Co-Ed on the field?

A. Teams need a minimum of 2 female players on the field at all times for co-ed. If you only have 1 you play the game 1 player short.

Q. What footwear should I use?

A. Ice Skates. KIDDING. Don’t wear ice skates seriously it could be dangerous. We do play on grass regularly and turf on the west side so you can use turf cleats or regular soccer cleats. Either works.

Q. When do the league’s start?

A. Our league’s run year round. We take a 1 week break in between seasons so people can recruit and recoup. Then we start again so generally every 8 weeks a new season kicks off.

Q. When do the adult soccer tournament run?

A. We hold 6v6 1 Day Soccer tournaments throughout the year (5 per year) so there’s always 1 coming round. Keep an eye on the tournament page for all upcoming events.

Q. Is slide tackling allowed?

A. No. Read all the rules here.

Q. I have a group of a few friends, not enough for a team that want to play. Can we be on the same team?

A. Yes. We can accommodate most requests for players to remain on the same team.

Q. What do winning teams get?

A. Generally we have trophy’s, t-shirts, prizes from sponsors to give away to winning teams. Oh and a generous high five from yours truly.

Q. When are deposits due?

A. No less than 10 days before a new season starts. We have a waiting list and it is first come first served due to demand. We have over 100 teams in our league’s and growing so those that pay deposits first get dibs. All balances are due by game week 1.

Q. How do I sign up?

A. That’s the spirit! Glad to see you’re asking the right questions. First. Head to this link (click here). Fill the form out. Hit submit. The payment screen will load. Make payment and we’ll get you involved.

Q. I still have questions. What now?

A. E-Mail me. I am always available for questions and soccer chat.

Or send us a message via our contact form below… simples!

I look forward to seeing you all on the field!!



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