It was a warm summers day in Phoenix Arizona. The year, 2008.

I sat and looked across a field of fatigued but glorious individuals and smiled. After years of living in the desert and playing in various soccer leagues we had reached the promise land.

After running soccer pickup style 6v6 games for the last couple of years on Wednesdays things were getting a little chaotic with 50+ players showing each week.

The passion. The tackles. The golazos. It was all there. We were ready for the birth of Small Goal Soccer. We just didn’t know it yet.

From there teams were formed. Americans, Irish, Ghanaians, Japanese and players from all over the world formed the first 6v6 teams. As we added referees and organization to our games, the seeds had been watered and were ready to blossom.

Word soon spread around town about this phenom that was Small Goal Soccer. People came from far and wide to join the action.

We did then and do now keep to a simple philosophy and mission.

The manifesto: “Small Goal Soccer will provide affordable, quality, fun, fast paced soccer for all the men, women and children in the world. We will together build a strong soccer community and leave no player behind! Viva”

Now spanning across 6 states and as of December 2017, 6,271 members Small Goal Soccer is the largest Adult Soccer organization in America. Our team is comprised of soccer enthusiasts from Phoenix, Houston, Dallas, Sacramento, San Diego, Los Angeles, Tucson, Las Vegas and Denver.

We’re always adding league’s, tournaments and players. Drop us a line to join the movement.

Adam Thelwell – Founder & National Director

Please visit our FAQ page and also view the rules to answer any questions about the Small Goal Soccer League’s.

Small Goal Soccer

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