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We heard the cry. The cry of a lack of quality soccer action in Northwest Phoenix, so like a hero in the night, we gave the people what they needed: a 6v6 adult soccer league in Glendale.

Please hold your applause, for it is not us that makes the league so special, it is you, the citizens of Phoenix.

The Thursday night league has taken off in the last year or so with some great squads joining in our men’s and coed divisions. Whether you have your own team to enter into our league or you’re a free agent looking to join the fun, we definitely have a spot for you!

Below is more info on the league and how to join:

  • Games are Thursdays nights 6-10:30pm
  • Games played at ASU West Competition Fields
  • 9 week season
  • 8 games guaranteed
  • 50 minute games
  • 150ft x 100 ft field
  • Licensed Referees
  • Men’s & Coed Divisions
  • All Skill Levels
  • 12 players max on roster
  • 1 keeper & 5 field players
  • Trophies & Prizes for winners
  • $49 per player or $380 per team


Now’s the time. Get off the couch and get involved in the action. Join our waiting list today!

Small Goal Soccer

Small Goal Soccer Futsal STANDINGS

Small Goal Soccer Futsal Division 1

1 Celtic FC 0 0 0 0
2 Illmatic FC 0 0 0 0
3 Man United 0 0 0 0
4 Sporting Phx 0 0 0 0
5 Thunderbird FC 0 0 0 0
6 Valley United 0 0 0 0

Small Goal Soccer Futsal RESULTS & FIXTURES

DateTimeFixtureResultDivisionField #Location
01/17/19WEEK 1ASU West
4730 W Sweetwater Ave
Glendale, AZ 85304
01/17/196:50pmVictor-ious FC vs. Naciones UnidasCoed 31ASU West
01/17/197:40pmSuns vs. Arizona RisingDiv 41ASU West
01/17/198:30pmSupreme vs. Atletico EspañolDiv 31ASU West
01/17/199:20pmAlcoles vs. RomaDiv 11ASU West
01/17/196:50pm2ASU West
01/17/197:40pmFC Montero vs. Atletico AZDiv 32ASU West
01/17/198:30pmLos Diablos vs. 6packCoed 1/22ASU West
01/17/199:20pmTBoys vs. ScorpionsDiv 12ASU West
01/17/196:50pmPSG vs. Lazio'sDiv 23ASU West
01/17/197:40pmPandas FC vs. Latin Kingz FCDiv 33ASU West
01/17/198:30pmSuegras FC vs. Gain GangDiv 13ASU West
01/17/199:20pmTor-Pedos FC vs. One NationDiv 33ASU West
01/17/196:50pmPocos Pero Locos vs. FC CuervosDiv 44ASU West
01/17/197:40pmLOS YAQUIS vs. Los Bubulubu'sCoed 34ASU West
01/17/198:30pmCoffee Boys vs. FC ACAMEXDiv 44ASU West
01/17/199:20pmAtletico Sonora vs. JuggernautsDiv 24ASU West
01/17/196:50pmReal Phoenix vs. SpartansDiv 45ASU West
01/17/197:40pmPhamily FC vs. FireweaselsCoed 35ASU West
01/17/198:30pmLAFC vs. Disconnect FCCoed 35ASU West
01/17/199:20pmBlitzkrieg FC vs. XolosDiv 25ASU West
01/17/196:50pm6ASU West
01/17/197:40pmAssyria FC vs. Los GalacticosCoed 1/26ASU West
01/17/198:30pmLegion vs. Tacos FCCoed 1/26ASU West
01/17/199:20pmWest Side Army vs. Phoenix UnitedCoed 1/26ASU West
01/24/19WEEK 2ASU West
4730 W Sweetwater Ave
Glendale, AZ 85304

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